How to post bail in Houston when you do not use a professional bail bond company like Houston Bail Bonds? Quite simple, you head to one of six municipal courts in Houston and make your payment. We do stress that you may be there quite a while as it does get rather busy. The time it takes someone to sit and wait is one of the many reason some people use our bail service to post bail in Houston.

Important Note: Before a defendant can be released they must have all other warrants cleared. No defendant will be released until all warrants are cleared or if another jurisdiction holding the warrant decides not to extradite.

How Do I Post Bail in Houston?

When someone is arrested on city charges, new charges, existing warrants or Capias Pro fines (unpaid fines), then that individual can only be released from custody when they post bail in Houston.

  • Posting a Surety Bond

    Getting immediate release is what defendant’s and their family members want. No one wants to be stuck in a crowded and dirty jail cell. A Surety Bond is one of the most cost-effective ways to post bail in Houston. You’ll pay a fraction of the bail costs and get your friend or family member out faster than you expect from Houston city jail.

  • Posting a Cash Bail Bond

    This is one of the more expensive options as you’ll need to post the entire amount of the bond with the city. Keeping in mind you are still responsible for the person you cosigned for. If they don’t go to court your money will be forfeited to the city. You’ll then be out 100% of the bond. This is one of the many reasons people hire our firm. In case the defendant skips out on bond, we will bring them back and you don’t lose a dime.

  • Request a Personal Bond

    Being released on personal bond (often called Released on Own Recognizance), the judge in your case will determine if a bond is needed to effect your release. The judge will determine this when factoring your ties to the community, type of charge(s), if warrants were issued and if you’ve been arrested in the past.

Bond can be paid at any one of six Houston Municipal Courts locations
Post Bail in Houston

Post Bond Houston

So there you have it. How to post bail in Houston. When using our Houston bail bonds service be sure to mention where you found us. It does help with our efforts to help others to post bond Houston Texas. If you are unsure about the bondsman you hired (if you haven’t hired our bail team) be sure to ask for identification. Every bondsman in Harris County, Texas must be licensed and have a valid picture ID and bonding license from the county. If you would like to check the status on any bail company in Houston please check this link You can also download a copy of the approved Houston bail bondsmen and companies.